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Shavige Bath from Basic Ingredients

Shavige Bath

It is always a good practice to commence with cooking from basic ingredients. Starting from basic ingredients gives you a control to vary the ingredients to suit the taste of the persons whom you are going to serve. This is a very simple dish which can be made very very tasty within 20 to 30 minutes.

The basic ingredients.


You can add Curry leaves if you like. With minimum pressure between the fingers, crush the Shavige noodles so that length does not exceed around one inch. Select Long Capsicum and Long Carrots.

Steam cook all the vegetables in a large pan and covering with a glass lid. Glass lid will help in in seeing the status of the cooking inside the pan.

As the vegetables are getting cooked, fry Chana Dahl and udad Dahl together with Ground nuts and curry leaves. As they turn brown, keep them aside for later use.

Look inside the pan. When it is fully cooked, keep clean water boiling in a separate vessel and heat the water to the boil.

Add the boiling water around 1 cup and then Shavige noodles as it is boiling and stir slowly. At this stage you can add salt. Keep on adding Noodles and water proportionately, till you get a good consistency. Do not move away from the stove as the noodles will cook very fast. You can add little cooking oil, if need be. Keep the situation   purely under your control. Make horizontal, vertical and cross movements with the wooden spatula to keep the noodles without sticking to each other. Do not apply pressure.

When the Shavige has reached the consistency, add Chena Dahl, Udad Dahl, Groundnut mixture and turn the Shavige gently without exerting pressure.

Make criss cross movements with the spatula till the Shavige are uniformly laid out and at the end you can add a few coriander leaves for taste and look.

Shavige Bath




Shavige Thin ( Anil)



4 to 6 small


Big One


8 to10 Nos

Capsicum Green

Long 2 nos

Capsicum Red

Long 1 No

Capsicum Yellow

Long 1 no

Ground Nuts

16 to 20 Nos


Finely chopped

Cashew Nuts


Mutter- Green Peas

25 to 30 grams

Turmeric Powder

One pinch



Say No to Tomato

No tomato





Cooking oil

2 teaspoon

Udad Dahl Round

10 to 15 nos

Chena Dahl

10 t0 15 nos

Curry leaves

10 to 12


to taste


to taste

Best wishes

Rangarajan Ramaswamy Bangalore 20 Nov 2014



Monday, 26 August 2013

Slicing Tomatoes into small pieces

Slicing Tomatoes into small pieces

One more cut cross-wise will do all that, shown below:

Rangarajan Ramaswamy Bangalore 26.08.2013

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hinglish Breakfast

Hinglish Breakfast

The left over vegetables with the total quantity available for cooking for 2 persons. There is no list of ingredients. 

Cut the available vegetables into small pieces and organise them in order. Enjoy the arrangement.

Mix all the cut pieces together and you will have an idea of the quantity available for cooking from the left over vegetables. 

By the usual method indicated in my earlier posts, cook the vegetables properly keeping the ingredients mix in mind. Cooking is over.

Now get 2 loaves of un-sliced bread from the bakery and make 4 pieces out of the 2 loaves.  

Slice about 1/2 inch from the top of each portion to be used as a lid. Now scoop out the middle portion of the remaining part using knife or by any other means and carve out a portion looking like a well. It is this well which will be used for stuffing the left over cooked vegetables. Now you have a well with a lid. Enjoy your carving for a while.

Use a spatula from the cooked stuffing and transfer it inside the well. Do not ram the stuffing, as it may open out from the thin wall. Fill the well to the brim and flatten the top of the stuffing with the spatula. You can smear the left over tomato sauce for the lid to cover the well. 

I could get 3 wells filled with the available left over cooked vegetables and I have a ray of pride in making use of the small one off quantities of the vegetables. You can add warm milk to the scooped portion without added sugar and offer to the kids. Do not mix the scooped portion with the stuffing.

The exclusive moment to enjoy the dish with the satisfaction that nothing has been wasted. 

Vazai Kai Podimas

Vazhai Kai Podimas

Select two pieces of Vazhai Kai of green colour and with some portion with a brownish tinge. The brownish tinge indicates the Vazhai Kai is matured enough.

Ingredients for the Podimas. The grated Coconut, Lemon juice and Ginger, add to the taste.

These ingredients are used for sautéing. Cut all the ingredients into small, uniform pieces. I normally use extra-virgin-olive-oil and Sundrop Sunflower oil in the ratio 1:3.

Cook the 2 pieces of Vazhai Kai in the pressure cooker. Wait only for one whistle and switch off the heat. This will prevent the Vazhai Kai from overcooking and soggy.Spare a minimum of 15 minutes to cool off.

When the Vazhai Kai is still warm, strip off the outer skin with a flat knife and the skin will come out nice and smooth. This is how the Vazhai kai look after peeling off the skin. 

Now you can grate the Vazhai Kai in a grater. You should select the course side with larger holes. Have a look at the consistency of the grated Vazhai Kai. Always use stainless steel grater. Otherwise the Podimas will quickly turn black. 

Add 2 table spoon of oil in a kadai. While on heat, add mustard seeds and when the cracking stops, add udad dahl, chena dahl , Curry leaves, ginger, Chillies, Asafoetida. At the end add the grated Vazhai Kai and grated coconut. Add salt, Turmeric and just turn the podimas a couple of times without exerting any pressure. You can add maximum ½ lemon Juice if you like for the 2 vazhai kai. The Podimas goes well as a side dish with rice, sambar and rasam. It also goes well with anybody born on Mother Earth without any side dish. If you minimise the chillies, the children and the guests alike will make frequent visits to the kitchen. So, make more than 2 Vazhai kai, maintaining proportions. Best wishes

Vazhai Kai
Vazhaikai Podimas

Raw Banana
2 Nos
Coconut gratings
1/4 cup
1/2 piece
to taste



Cooking Oil
3 teaspoon
1 tea spoon
Udad dahl
10 to 12 Round
Chena Dahl
10 to 12 split
1/2 cup
Green Chilli
1 No
Red Dried Chilli
1 No
Curry Leaves
8 to 10
Coriander Leaves
Finely chopped
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